Progress Manure & Digestate Products in January

Since 2010 the IBBK is organizing conferences on the manure and digestate treatment field. The events were conducted in German and English with a simultaneous translation. This year due to the pandemic the conference took place in a hybrid way and only in German language. That is why we decided to share and enhance the results of the local conference…

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The International Biomass Congress & Expo

International Biomass Congress & Expo

The International Biomass Congress & Expo aims to bring together leading producers, suppliers, regulators and other engaged organisations over a two-day period. High-level speakers, experts in their field, will address a range of topical issues relating to the biomass sector. Brought to you by Bioenergy Insight, the leading international biomass magazine, the 2021 conference will be co-located with the International Biogas…

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Market Revolution: Pelleting Press 65-1500

Large-scale industrial production of wood pellets from hard and soft wood in premium quality. Over the past decades, the production of wood pellets has required the highest level of engineering skill and numerous failed attempts to achieve today's standards. While softwood was used for the production of wood pellets at the end of the 1990s, producers today hardly encounter any limitations…

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Poland ups its pace towards a circular economy

Poland is moving towards a circular economy as three new biofertilizer-biogas facilities will be built in the Zachodniopomorskie region about 100 km off the coast of the Baltic Sea. The plants are being built by Ductor, a Finnish-Swiss biotechnology company that creates solutions for global food and agricultural challenges and funded by Esperotia Investments Ltd. The plants will use 100% poultry…

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Utilisation of CO2 for biofuel production – methane and bioethanol

Centrum Badań i Innowacji PRO-AKADEMIA

The major problems for currently operated energy systems are energy storage issues, grid stability and CO2 emissions. The international team of Polish and Cypriot scientists is developing the technology, that may contribute to solving all these problems at least partially. The BioElectroCathode project is implemented through close cooperation between the Research and Innovation Centre Pro-Akademia from Konstantynów Łódzki and the Cyprus…

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