In April on May there gona be prepare extra auction of Energy from RES conducted 30th December 2016. Perhaps there gona be some changes in baskets. We do not know about volumes and conditions of this extra auction.

Such conclusions could be drawn from Aneta Wieczerzak-Krusińska article that appeared in „Rzeczpospolita”. Next to the main subject, investor who won auction for 1MW have problems with crediting of installations construction.


Ministry of Energy pointed realistic deadline for April or May. Auctions would be carried out on the basis of existing regulations.

According to the information from „Rzeczpospolita” that: “besides new installations of 1 MW proceeding will also include baskets for existing hydropower plants, and perhaps for small wind turbines (for them reference price will raised in 2017 to 375 PLN / MWh, before it was 300 PLN / MWh).”

Journal also published the statement of Michał Ćwila, Vice President of The Polish Economic Chamber of Renewable Energy (PIGEOR): “The most important should be auctions for existing installations, with particular focus on those who did not manage to send offer last time, because technical problems of auction platform. Specially for hydroelectric power plants, because they have trouble to stay alive with the current price of green certificates.”

Source: Rzeczpospolita

Photo: 123RF



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