On 30th December 2016 there was RES internet auction. During this auction, there was some technical faults and because of that many entrepreneurs can not make an offer. Despite that RES auctions has been confirmed by government.


Three of four auction baskets will receive suport – 66 milion PLN per year until 2033. For fourth action – for existing biogas plants with power over 1MW, has been send only 1 project. There is requirement for at least 3 offers, in this situation polish governement decide to do not make fourth auction.

Energy Regulation Office inform that they get 209 good offers. Breakdown by basket austions:

  1. Normal auction No. AZ/1/2016 – 7 good offers;
  2. Normal auction No. AZ/2/2016 – 1 good offer;
  3. Normal auction No. AZ/3/2016 – 152 good offers;
  4. Normal auction No. AZ/4/2016 – 49 good offers.

This data do not include 15 offers. They do not have signatures based on the principles of representation and can not be classified as complex. Individuals and companies with technical problems during the auctions were counting for invalidate or for new auctions.



Bądź na bieżąco z branżą OZE