Malopolska Voivodeship Crisis Management Team decide to put third alarm level of hazard. It will remain in force until 2 February for 12:00 AM.

In view of current situation and weather prognoses (short-term and 5-day) decide to take the activities specified in: „Program of air protection for Małopolska Voivodeship” – reads in official statement.


To fight against smoge, city hall decide to make four days of free public transport for car owners and make an official appeal to do not smoke in firreplaces. Municipal guards intensified controls of household and checked quality of stove fuels. Children, elderly and asthmatic are the main victims of smog. Hospitals are overcrowded. At this moment in Małopolska Voivodship there are winter holidays, unfortunately there is recommended to stay at home.

In opinion of Małopolska Voivodeship Crisis Management Team there is the most disastrous January in history – smog is maintained for twelve days.


Photo: 123RF



Bądź na bieżąco z branżą OZE