Decreased the value of investment in renewable energy sources – reports the Bloomberg New Energy Finance. Fortunately these data refer for entire world, not for Poland. In Last year the value of investments in the worldwide renewable energy sector amounted to 287.5 billion dollars according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance. It was lower than in previous years – informs portal

Bloomberg says that in 2015 worldwide investition in renewable energy sector amounted to 348.5 billion dollars, and year before it was 315.0 billion dollars.


18% decline in global investment in RES in 2016 was caused by lower costs of installation (particularly in photovoltaics and wind energy) and depreciation of investments in key Asian markets – Chinese and Japanese.

In China, record investments of more than 30 billion dollars for the quarter was recorded in the last three quarters of 2015. In last year each quarter get recorded investments of 19.3 billion dollars, 27.6 billion dollars, 17.6 billion dollars and 16.8 billion dollars.

In Europe last year, the value of investments in renewable energy sources in each quarter amounted to 20.2 billion dollars, 17 billion dollars, 8 billion dollars and 13.3 billion dollars. – informs portal

Largest increase in renewable energy technologies was recorded in offshore wind energy.




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