The Sejm voted to pass a bill amending the act on renewable energy sources and some other acts along with some additional changes.


Most MPs from both the opposition and the ruling party supported the adoption of the draft amendment as recommended by the Commission.

In the next stage of the legislative process, the Senate will deal with the draft amendment, which should decide on the act within a maximum period of 30 days from its submission. If, therefore, the project was forwarded to him in the coming days, then the term would fall on the session of the Senate designated in the 10th and 11th of July.

Amendments to the RES Act already on the way to the Senate!

Unless additional amendments are introduced, the Senate will refer the bill to the President’s signature, which will have an additional 21 days for the decision. The above means that the auctions could be systematically organized in the autumn of 2018.

In this context, the Operator of the AZE System of OZE Sp. z o.o. also reminds about the need to update investment and construction documents, adapting them to new requirements, as well as conducting new pre-qualification proceedings enabling effective preparation of projects for RES auctions, as well as FIT and FIP instruments.


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Text: RED


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