Biomass Congress 2020. Eastern European Meeting of merchants and suppliers.

Biomass Congres  2020 is the most important industry event which will take place on 29 September in Ossa Hotel! A completely new formula of the meeting will make each participant receive a huge portion of new business contacts and professional, industry knowledge.

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What will You get?

  • a unique B2B formula – you’ll meet every Congress participant !
  • meeting with a selected group of companies from Poland and Eastern
    and Western Europe,
  • the only opportunity to open up to foreign biomass markets without
    leaving Poland,
  • specific knowledge about documenting biomass origin,
  • free advertising in the biomass industry catalog
    of the Biomasa Magazine,
  • the opportunity to meet selected biomass industry contractors


All lectures during the conference will be simultaneously translated.

During the Biomass Congress you will meet:

  • biomass producers
  • biomass buyers from heating plants and energy groups, wood processing plants,
    pulp and paper industry,
  • technology suppliers for the extraction, processing and combustion of biomass,
  • representatives of Polish and foreign industry assosiations.

 Features :

  • how to buy biomass from Lithuania, Belarus and Ukraine;
  • biomass sales models to western countries;
  • presentation of companies and organizations participating in the Congress;
  • domestic market – development prospects for 2020;
  • heating or power industry – where is the place of Polish biomass?
  • energy plantations – how much will you earn on it?
  • industry workshops on biomass documentation



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